Dry Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt
Dry Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt

Dry Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt

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DRY ROASTED MEANS NO OIL: You are probably eating almonds because you want a healthy snack, right? Almonds ARE the perfect healthy snack, UNTIL they are FRIED in GMO oil. We would never even consider of frying one of nature's perfect foods and know that you'll appreciate these delicious oven roasted nonpareil variety almonds.

FRESH ROASTED and LIGHTLY SALTED: Stop, look no further. Have you ever tried genuinely fresh roasted nuts. Did you know that its impossible for massive corporations to deliver a truly fresh product. We know freshness is really what matters and that's why we release newly roasted batches for you every single week. Don't get stuck with rancid oily nuts that are over 6 months old, Add To Cart ----> and see what AG fresh really means.

HEALTHY TREAT: You've had the first couple handfulls and look down, the jar is 1/4 empty. You stop, but only briefly, and wonder the consequences of finishing 1/2 a jar in one sitting. Have no fear, you didn't ruin your diet, you don't need to skip your next three meals. Because we balance flavor with your desire to keep a trim waist band, you'll never have to worry about accidentally overdoing it.

PERFECT RECYCLABLE PACKAGING : The secret's out, now you don't have to leave home without these. You'll love the convenient portable nature of the AGStandard signature jar. It's perfect for any type of cup holder and holds up great in any type of bag while you are on the go. The packaging is PET 100% recyclable. You can do your part in helping the environment by only eating snacks with recyclable and reusable packaging.

100% PERFECT QUALITY - THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEED YOU WILL NEVER NEED: Your satisfaction is our first priority. Say something happens in transit, or disaster strikes. You can rest assured if there is ever any reason you are not completely happy with your order, we will replace your items AND offer a refund. There will be no hassle, no questions asked. Click 'ADD TO CART' and your order will be on the way.

Welcome! Are you ready?

We are thrilled that you are considering trusting us with your health and well being.
We invite you to look around and, if you have a minute, tell you a story.

Our Story

What do you get when you cross a chef and a nurse practitioner?

An adventure with Pete + Alden.

After meeting at the University of South Carolina in 2003, we have both consistently pursued an amazing variety of different opportunities which have lead us here, to serve you and your family.

From emergency room nurse to backcountry ski patroller, from oncology research manager to fine dining chef, from broad scale cancer clinic health protocols to ecommerce entrepreneur and software engineer. Our combined unique and broad skillset have positioned us well to expertly provide you with the most delicious, health conscious products possible.

The Team

Why We Do It

While AGStandard is a small company that supports the values of our small family, it does quite a bit more than that. AGStandard was started with an intention to support people in their continual pursuit of health, adventure and independence. By making our products continuously, in small rotating batches, we are able to provide a level of quality and freshness not available anywhere else.

Whats the Big Difference

Fresh is our secret ingredient. Fresh tastes the best. Fresh is the healthiest.

When nuts are roasted, controlled heat activates the delicate oils that greatly enhances the natural flavors. 

Much like coffee, once roasted it is best to eat roasted nuts within a couple of weeks to ensure the natural oils stay as delicious (and healthy) as possible.

Each of the creations we make for you is unique. Hand-roasted, custom blended, carefully mixed and hand packaged, we make and ship these to you hoping that you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

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